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We are an online webshop & wholesale trade services of flat glass, for everything you need on glass area, with the service of an ordinary shop. Take this literally, because despite that we are a webshop, we offer the possibility to retrieve your order with us.  We are very open and flexible handling no standard shop-opening hours. Also allowing you to evenings and weekends can come to us. Provided that the products we have in stock.  Of the many famous brands is a supplier of various Glass glass glass, Colcom, deurbeslag including Dorma, Casma, Hawa, Pauli, Geze etc., as well as deurbeslag of the SWS shower, Guidotti, manufactured goods, KL-GRAL Stremler Megla. We also supply various brands including door handles, Normbau, FSB, KWS, D-Line, D-Tec, Randi, Hewi etc.  In addition to the many standard products, we can also, various "specials", such as eg. ABP and Sadev offer. In addition ...

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The expertise behind this webshop is based on the broad experience of the product. You are looking for something, but finds it not? Council question to various Glass!  We will find the best solution for you.